1.    The society hereafter shall be named “Yorkshire Society of Obstetric Anaesthetists”.

    2.    Registered address of the society will be situated in  the area falling under the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery which includes the regions of East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire

    3.    Acronym and Logo: YSOA (pronounced as wy-so-aa) logo once approved will be used for all YSOA business purposes, including the website.

    4.    Aims: of the Society are four fold

    a)      Topromote communication and encourage partnerships between obstetric anaesthetists to further contribute towards the delivery of highest standards of obstetric care within Yorkshire region.
    b)       To strengthen links within the schools of anaesthesia for the provision of high quality training in obstetric anaesthesia within Yorkshire region.
    c)       To support and facilitate multicentre audits, research and CPD activities in the field of obstetric anaesthesia
    d)     To represent and support the interests of anaesthetists working within Yorkshire region

    5.    Membership: The society will be open for membership to all anaesthetists with an interest in obstetric anaesthesia, working within Yorkshire and Humber Deanery. A voluntary opt in option will be provided. Trainees within the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery will be encouraged to join the society

    6.  Subscription: In order to encourage participation, initially, to join the society the membership fee will be £0. However, the need to levy a subscription shall be reviewed annually at the annual general meeting.

    7.  Officers:  All officers of the Society shall be elected from and by the membership. Until elections are held, the Society should be administered by ad-hoc appointments made by the delegates attending the launch meeting on 26th September 2012, in Leeds.

    a)      Number and composition of officers shall include; president, secretary, treasurer and trainee representatives.
    b)      Duration of office will be for three years, extendable for a further two years
    c)      Regional representatives by appointment will also attend committee meetings
    d)     Subcommittees will be set up to oversee the work of running courses, audit/database activities and running of the annual scientific meeting.

    8. Finances:Society should maintain a true account of all sums of money received and expended by the society. Account shall be administered by an officer of the society.

    a)      Source of finances shall include membership fees, sponsorship payments and registration fees from delegates.
    b)      Sponsorship and delegate fess shall be decided annually as the AGM.
    c)      The financial year of the Society shall end on the 30th April in each year, to which day the accounts of the Society    shall be balanced.
    d)     At each AGM, an accounts balance sheet shall be presented to all members of the Society at the AGM.
    e)      All cheques shall be signed by two officers of the Society.
    f)       Treasurer will decide the legal status of the Society.

    9. Secretarial support:A part time secretary shall be recruited on a contract to support the Society’s administrative work.

    10. Annual General Meeting (AGM):AGM of members and officers shall be held a month after the annual scientific meeting.

    11.Annual Scientific Meeting:ASM of the society titled “Yorkshire Obstetric Anaesthesia Day’ shall be held in 2nd or 3rd week of April each year.

    a)      YOAD will be open to all anaesthetists within or outside the Yorkshire region.
    b)      ASM shall be organised in different venues within Yorkshire region to encourage local participation, engagement and partnerships with region’s obstetric anaesthesia departments.
    c)       There shall be a Free-Paper session to encourage trainees to present their work.

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